This Kayak Fits in a Backpack so You Can Travel the World

Trevor English

walk with kayak[Image Source: Pakayak]

If you are a fan of the outdoors and kayaking, then you are going to loe this new ultra-portable kayak that can be carried right on your back. The single person kayak breaks down into 6 pieces that all interlock together to store inside a relatively small bag. Called the Pakayak, this will bring kayaking to locations where otherwise transporting a fully assembled kayak would be impossible. Each segment is joined by locks that can only be broken when the user intends to separate the kayak. This way your kayak doesn't break apart while you are in the middle of a lake.

segmented kayak[Image Source: Pakayak]

In total, the kayak stretches 14 feet fully assembled, whereas when it is broken down it only spans 3.5 feet. This versatile boat allows even the casual outdoorsman the adventure of being on the water on any day.

"We think that kayaking is one of the best things you can do in your free time. Six inches off the shore and you are on an instant vacation. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to get your kayak, in most of the places that we live, to and from the water without a pickup truck, or a roof rack and a buddy to help you carry and lift your kayak." ~ Pakayak

bbackpack kayak[Image Source: Pakayak]

"Pakayak tracks, handles, paddles and performs just like the best hard-shell kayaks on the market today." ~ Pakayak

The innovative boat has currently still making its way to full funding on Kickstarter with only 8 days left to go. As awesome as the device may be, the US$1,395 price tag puts it a little out of reach from the casual kayaker. However, if you spend a lot of time out near a lake or possibly river, this kayak is likely worth the investment.

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