Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones' Instagram Activity with Snoopreport

Introducing Snoopreport: Your one stop shop to user analytics on Instagram.
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Created: 1/7/2020

If you want to check in on your friends', family's or, as a business, potential customers' Instagram activities with ease, you might want to consider getting a Snoopreport account today. With this powerful tool, you will be rewarded with tons of valuable information and it will help you even see someone's like history on Instagram.


How do you see someone's activity on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Millions of users constantly share images, and other data, about their lives, tastes, hopes, and dreams.

While primarily intended as a means of sharing and connecting with friends and family, this information can be worth its weight in gold for marketers. But even as a private individual you can see and track the activity of other users on Instagram relatively easily.

You used to see what someone likes on Instagram in the activity section of the app, but this in-app feature was removed as of October this year. This makes a product like Snoopreport the only remaining and reliable Instagram tracker around.


This kind of service is great for businesses who might want to target a particular audience with a new product or help devise a new product that they might like. It is, more or less, the perfect market analysis tool.

For private individuals, it can also be useful for you to follow trends or even help you find that perfect present for your significant other. Imagine the look on their faces when you get them an unexpected, but perfect, gift for a major occasion like their birthday.

"How did you know I liked this?" -- You must love them very much!

What are the benefits of using Instagram for a business?

Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for any business to consider using. In fact, many businesses are still missing a trick by not utilizing this platform.

"Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and the visibility of their products. If you have not jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet, you may be doing your business a great disservice. If you still need convincing, then check out these 10 reasons why Instagram is continuously rising in importance and how your company can benefit." -

In short, the main benefits of using Instagram include, but are not limited to (credit to 

What is Snoopreport and how much does it cost? 

Snoopreport is a handy Instagram user activity tracking platform. It helps users track and analyze the likes and habits of particular demographics and is the perfect tool for marketing and advertising teams to plan and refine their strategies. 

"Snoopreport is a new unique service for monitoring user activity on Instagram. It tracks all the user's likes, comments and follows." - Snoopreport

Snoopreport is widely considered to be the best Instagram user monitoring platform, and for good reason. It comes with various useful reports, user activity dashboards, big data collection, top interests, top likes, and many other features. 

Initially, Snoopreport was created as a marketing tool. It was designed to track large groups of users 5,000-20,000 at a time for large brands and digital agencies.

Using this information, these companies were able to adjust their content and marketing strategies based on group Instagram user behavior data.

However, in recent years, the company has had growing demand from private customers. is pretty low-cost and you buy a cheap subscription that allows you to track 2 or 10 users.

Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones' Instagram Activity with Snoopreport
Example Snoopreport, Source: Snoopreport

In fact, more than 90% of their active subscriptions are Personal plans. These cost $5 a month which lets you track up to 2 users at a time. All-in their users track 1.23 Instagram users on average a month, meaning most of their subscribers track 1 Instagram user at a time.

Users tend to track their significant others or one or two celebrities of interest to them. But you can track pretty much anyone you want on Instagram if you sign up. 

While there are no specific trial versions of Snoopreport, they do have an up-to-date celebrity monitoring report that is free for anyone to see on their site. 

For a bit more a month you can cast your net a little wider and track many more users at any one time. If you up to your subscription to $14.99 a month you will be able to track up to 10 people at a time.

For $44.99 a month you are able to track up to 100 Instagram users at any one time. While this might sound like a lot of money imagine the time it saves you from manually checking up on those accounts of interest of yours.

What is the point of tracking Instagram users?

When you are planning a marketing strategy for a new or existing product, or want to see what your friends are up to, tracking their activity online is one great way to gather very useful information. 

"Monitoring other user actions can give brands and bloggers the insights of their audience’s needs, preferences, and habits, their competitors’ Instagram growth strategy, the understanding of influencers. For Individual users - it’s a great way to know one’s interests better, what their family and friends do and whom their favorite celebrities like on Instagram." - Snoopreport

For businesses, the benefits of this kind of service are palpable. By finding out what an audience likes you can tailor your products and advertising strategy to suit. 

For private accounts, individuals, it has different yet equally valuable information on your target users. While this might seem like stalking on the surface, your objectives are usually less than sinister.

For example, tools like Snoopreport could prove to be invaluable for parents who are concerned about their child's online activity. This could help you identify potential threats early or simply get an insight into your child's wants and desires that they might not openly voice to you on a daily basis.

This could provide a parent with an idea of the perfect gift to get them for Christmas or their birthday. It could also provide some insights into their hopes and dreams (and fears) for the future.

Perhaps they have an idea of what they want to do as a profession but are too embarrassed to tell you openly. Snoopreport could, therefore, get a heads-up to prepare or help plan for their child's future. 

It could also help you identify potential online threats from cyberbullying or, actual real-world stalking and bullying. 

Another benefit of Snoopreport over checking in people's activity yourself is the fact that Instagram has removed its "Follow Activity" feature. Once gone you will not be able to easily check in on friends and family.

Snoopreport bypasses this lost feature so you will always have access to the information you need.

How does Snoopreport track followers' activity?

Snoopreport uses publically available data to track Instagram users' activity. This means you don't necessarily need to have an Instagram account or be logged in, to benefit from its services.

Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones' Instagram Activity with Snoopreport
Source: Snoopreport

You don't even need to be following them on Instagram to add them to your Snoopreport account. With Snoopreport you can monitor any Instagram account so long as it is no private of course. 

It is also incredibly reliable: 

"All Instagram likes, comments and follows appearing in the report are 100 % accurate. We can collect data from public accounts only, it means you will not be able to spy on private Instagram accounts as well as to check likes delivered to private accounts. Even if we can track the most of Instagram likes and follows we do not guarantee we track them all, you will see some 50%-90% actions performed by a public Instagram account in your report" - Snoopreport

Another benefit of Snoopreport is that your target account(s) will never know you are following them. 

"There is no connection between you and Instagram users we are tracking. More than that, you can delete [a] username from your dashboard after monitoring and leave absolutely no trace." - Snoopreport

So, if any of this sounds like a great opportunity to you why not consider checking out Snoopreport today?

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