KFC to Test Beyond Meat's Plant-Based Chicken

KFC is trialing Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken at a store in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Beyond Meat, the plant-based protein company that's taking on the meat industry added KFC to its growing list of fast-food chains that sell its meatless products. 

KFC said in a press release that it will test Beyond Fried Chicken at a location in Atlanta, Georgia on 27 August. Customers will get a free sample when they purchase an item in the store that day. KFC said it will seek feedback from the customers who try the protein-based chicken. The feedback will help KFC determine if it should test the chicken to a broader group or to roll it out nationally.  KFC is the first fast-food chain to test its plant-based chicken. Beyond Meat also makes a meatless burger, ground beef, and sausage. 


Fast-food chains embrace plant-based food items 

Customers will be able to choose from Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets or boneless wings, in either six or 12 pieces. The wings will go for $1 a wing while the nuggets will cost $6.49 for six and $8.49 for 12. 

Fast food restaurants across the country have been trialing and rolling out plant-based food items to provide customers with a healthier alternative. It also appeals to people who are looking to be more environmentally friendly. According to recent research out of the University of Oxford, avoiding meat and dairy is the best way to reduce an individual's environmental impact.  A study published in the medical journal BMJ found the consumption of red meat increases the mortality rate. Scientists found an increase in total red meat consumption of at least half a serving per day was linked with a 10% higher mortality risk. 

Beyond Meat eyes bacon substitute 

In July Beyond Meat inked a deal with Dunkin' in which it will sell breakfast sandwiches in New York City that feature Beyond Meat Sausage. The coffee chain plans to offer the meatless sandwiches nationally in the future.  Carl's Jr also sells a meatless burger produced by Beyond Meat while competitor Impossible Foods has deals with Burger King and White Castle. Beyond Meat also sells its products in food stores and Impossible Foods is gearing up to do that as well. 

At the same time Beyond Meat is inking deals with fast-food chains its also working on new products to replace meat. In a recent interview Beyond Meat Chief Executive Ethan Brown said the company is working on a bacon substitute and that the taste has been improving in the lab. The executive declined to say when it will be ready but said researchers will need a surprise breakthrough" for it to happen anytime soon. 

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