KnitYak is the scarf with algorithmically generated Mathematical patterns

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There are many different types and designs of scarf out there but there is one that is different and which stands out from all the rest, the KnitYak scarf. What makes this scarf so different is that it is designed by a mathematician.


[Image Source: Knityak]

The mathematician in question purchased a knitting machine and then found that she was able to set it up so as to knit textiles that feature designs that are algorithmically generated mathematical patterns. This means that you will have a scarf that is mathematically unique.


[Image Source: Knityak]

The scarves are sold as mathematical scarves and each design in the line has patterns from algorithms for elementary cellular automata. For those who have no idea what we are talking about it means that it predicts what will happen to a cell based on the cell lying above it along with the two immediate cells at the sides. This means that each of the cells in the pattern is an automaton that follows the algorithm and the result is one very cool looking and unique scarf.


[Image Source: Knityak]

The KnitYak scarves are designed in merino wool for that luxury touch and this generally means that it won’t fuzz or wrinkle and it should give you many years of wear. The scarves are knitted using a technique called double bed jacquard and this means the scarves don’t curl. Each scarf is 7 inches in width by 75 inches in length and knitted squares are available at 7 inches by 7 inches. At the moment the only color available is black and white.

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