Korean Inventor Creates Revolutionary Sanitary Toilet Unclogging Tool

Trevor English
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If most of us were to walk into our bathroom right now, we would likely find a dirty, contaminated plunger sitting in the corner. For years, the plunger has been the only way to easily and effectively unclog a toilet, but one Korean inventor has come up with the perfect solution, and you don't even need to get your hands dirty! By creating a sealed system through plastic, this inventor was able to produce the same suction and pushing power of a plunger, without ever having to go past the toilet seat. Check out how it works in the video below.


The plastic toilet shaped ring has an adhesive backing that adheres to the seat, creating a seal. By pushing up and down, the air or water remaining in the bowl is able to create a ramming effect, pushing the blockage down the drain and through the pipes. Many commenters are questioning if this device is really better than a plunger, but it certainly distances you from the mess a little bit more. It also helps your bathroom stay clean since you don't have to have a plunger sitting in the corner as a breeding ground for bacteria.


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