Check out these stunning land art murials made with just rocks and leaves

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A German artist by the name Dietmar Voorwold is based in Scotland and he creates some of the most stunning art. However, he has turned his back on the traditional media used and instead makes land art from leaves and rocks, along with other materials sourced from nature and the surroundings. He uses these to make beautiful geometric patterns and shapes outdoors.


[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]

The majority of the materials that he uses are things that he finds there and then. This means that land art is there for everyone to turn their hand at, as there are no special tools or materials to buy or acquire. It is affordable art from Mother Nature.


[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]

Once completed, the art work is left behind but Voorwold takes with him the precious memories of creating the stunning pieces and photographs to share with the rest of the world. Voorwold said that “It is just for the moment. This is a very therapeutic aspect of my way of creating art.


[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]

Voorwold happens to be a believer in art having therapeutic values and goes as far as holding art therapy classes. He teaches people and guides them to create their own land art.


[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]

Voorwold said that he loves art and nature, so combining them is the perfect medium for his art. He said “I want to feel good with art. It should arouse positive feelings in me and create moods I can cheerfully relate to. Artistically created images I would gladly choose to decorate my home, indulge my eyes and fondle my heart with. Art is an expression of harmony and the right resonance. Art is healing for the soul. Nature is my grandest stage and I`m very pleased when my Creations in Nature speak to you.”

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[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]

Voorland does most of his land art at home in Scotland, along the coast lines. However other pieces of land art have been made by him in Germany along with on Crete beaches and in numerous other places. Mother Nature of course deals a blow on the art work, which means they are short lived and transforms them from the original creation into new ones, until they are eventually no longer recognisable as art work. The stones and leaves that are used are once again with nature.


[Image Source: Dietmar Voorwold]


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