Largest 'Fast and Furious' Car Collection in World Sports 24 Cars, Still Growing

When anyone starts a serious 'Fast and Furious' car collection, the tendency is to go all the way.
Brad Bergan

Most who like the "Fast and Furious" film franchise hope to own one of the featured cars, but few have the Pokémon-adjacent aspiration to buy them all.

A man named Jorge Acosta does — amassing the world's largest collection of film car replicas from the "Fast and Furious" phenomenon. As of writing he owns 24, but he plans on buying even more.


Acosta Charger
Acosta plans to buy even more 'Fast and Furious' cars. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

World's largest 'Fast and Furious' themed car collection

"My dream was the green Eclipse, so I built one three years ago, and that's it," explained Acosta in a YouTube video on Roads Untraveled. "Everything started from there."

Acosta Green Eclipse
Acosta started with the green Eclipse, which he built three years ago. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

Acosta made his way into the world of "Fast and Furious" replica makers via the franchise's car-wrangler and technical advisor Craig Lieberman.

Acosta Green Eclipse Rear
Acosta entered the 'Fast and Furious' car collector community after meeting Craig Lieberman, from the series itself. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

Acosta learned other owners enjoyed three or even five replica cars — but he wanted more.

Acosta Largest Collection
Acosta got too excited not to buy the largest 'Fast and Furious' car collection. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

"I didn't want to have the largest 'Fast and Furious' car collection in the world on purpose, right?" said Acosta in Roads Untraveled. "But then I started getting excited."

Acosta Charger Front
It's important to remain calm — unless we want to follow in Acosta's footsteps. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

Some body kits cost more than the 'Fast and Furious' cars

Acosta then began to import cars from Japan to sell — to build a fund for buying and tricking-out additional replicas.

Acosta Working on Cars
Sometimes the body kits cost more than the cars themselves. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

But some body kits cost more than the cars themselves, which is why he sometimes runs into what he's dubbed the "Fast and Furious tax" for film-inspired material needs.

Acosta wants 'Fast and Furious' to go to space

As of writing, he wants to grow his film-like collection to 35 cars, with seven to eight cars already in the works, The Drive reports.

"I don't know if I'm going to stop or not," conceded Acosta during the Roads Untraveled video. "I don't know. I don't know."

Acosta Row of Car Fronts
It's almost like anyone could simply walk up and drive one (or two, or three) away. Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube

Predictably, Acosta loves the direction of the "Fast and Furious" film series. He even thinks sending the cast of the franchise to space will draw more moviegoers (or watchers, now) into the car community he's come to love. Suffice to say once a serious film-inspired car collection gets going, the tendency is to take it all the way.

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