Las Vegas Strip Club Offers “Virus-Free Lap Dances” During Pandemic Crisis

This is such a relief since you wouldn’t want your strippers to be “dirty” dancing.
Derya Ozdemir

Las Vegas joined the ranks of cities that are almost in lockdown-mode with an increasing number of restaurants, hotels, and resorts closing temporarily due to COVID-induced concerns

World citizens are advised to help flatten the curve of the pandemic by performing social distancing, meaning staying away from people; however, one particular adult entertainment establishment named Little Darlings of Las Vegas, doesn't seem to have got the memo.

Little Darlings is an all-nude club in Las Vegas, and all the panic aside, they don’t seem fazed by the pandemic. Unless forced to shut down, the club expects to remain 100% open for business, Vice reports. 


The dancing they perform may be dirty - but the club is adamant about keeping it clean during the pandemic. An electric billboard outside the club can be seen advertising "CORONAVIRUS-FREE LAP DANCES". And of course, to top it all off, the adult performer on the ad is holding a roll of toilet paper. What a time that we live in folks.

The Director of Operations behind the Little Darlings, Ryan Carlson stated that the performers have been tested for the virus to the extent possible; however, he didn't elaborate on how.

Moreover, the club will be giving out 50,000 hand sanitizers, since they "take the health of our guests very seriously." LeAnna DaPoint, one of the club’s managers, told, “Being the most popular adult club in Las Vegas, we have to ensure the show will go on!”

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As of this writing, Nevada has at least 41 cases of coronavirus, with one death reported in the state. The U.S. is facing a worrying scenario with more than 4,400 cases, and with at least 86 deaths.

While this makes for a really good advertisement, you should know by now that social-distancing is crucially important in our current situation. Lap dances don't exactly fall into that category. However, if you ever happen to drop by Little Darlings, this Twitter user sets a great example of how you should be going.

We are not saying he is particularly at a strip club, this is just us giving a heads-up, saying "Safety first fellas!"