Last Airbus A380 Ready to Take Off in France

The last Airbus-A380 will carry out its flight to Hamburg soon.
Deniz Yildiran

Those who are fans of Airbus A380, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye. 

The company has recently decided to stop manufacturing as the demand dropped drastically over the last year, which led to losses. 

A halfway prediction

By the time of 2019 reveal, the company had just delivered 234 of the giant flying vehicle. It was predicted that around 1,200 of the superjumbo aircraft could be sold, per CNN. However, things didn't go as planned.


It's a painful decision," Airbus CEO Tom Enders indicated in February 2019 "We've invested a lot of effort, a lot of resources and a lot of sweat into this aircraft," he continued. Now it's really happening in 2020. 

And if you like to say farewell for the last time, Airbus A380 was captured by a freelance photographer at the Jean-Luc Lagardere plant in Southern France and shared on Twitter.  

Airbus-A380 will conduct its test-fly to Hamburg soon after its last checks are done on the ground. It seems that a lot needs to be completed before it takes off. The engines will be installed, electrical and hydraulic systems will be tested as well as on-board computers, landing gear, and all the moving parts.

The giant plane was put together in station 40. It is now sadly out of service, and the tests will be conducted at station 35. And final tests will be performed outside as Airbus media relations manager Anne Galabert told CNN. "The aircraft is then prepared for flight."

Emirates Airlines will be the last customer after the cabin is set and the plane is painted in their livery. We wish its fanciers more flights with this giant before the era of 13 years ends. 

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