These Lego handbags are super cool and fully functioning

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One fashion designer has been putting Lego bricks to good use as they have been using them to make jewelry such as bracelets, cufflinks, earrings and broaches and selling them over on Etsy and now the designer has moved on to include usable Lego handbags. These are not just models of handbags that can only be used for display, they are handbags that are functional and which can carry your purse, phone and anything else you want to take with you.

Handbags-made-with-the-worlds-most-famous-toy-bricks.6__880[Image Source: Agabag]

The designer said that it has taken some time and a lot of hard work with the designs and new techniques added in, along with finding the right materials and tools to work on the designs. They aimed to use only the minimum amount of materials other than LEGO bricks and the results are amazing.

Handbags-made-with-the-worlds-most-famous-toy-bricks.5__880[Image Source: Agabag]

Along with all the typical colours that you would find among LEGO bricks, such as yellow, blue and red, the designer also uses real gold plated bricks. You can check out the designs of handbags and jewelry over at Etsy.

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