LEGO Is Donating MRI Scanner Kits to Help Hospitals Reduce Anxiety in Children

It could substantially improve kids' hospital experience.
Mert Erdemir
LEGO radiology set.LEGO

MRI is a very functional method that is used to detect various health problems sooner. The idea of getting an MRI, however, can be intimidating for some people, especially for children. But now, a new project from the LEGO Group aims to ease children's anxiety before they enter an MRI machine. 

Erik Ullerlund Staehr, a LEGO Group employee, is the mind behind the idea to design a LEGO MRI scanner set. And now, the company is planning to produce the special LEGO kits and donate them to hospitals' radiology departments. The purpose of donating miniature MRI scanners is to help children feel safe and relaxed during the process.

Fraser Lovatt, an employee of the LEGO Group, explained on Twitter that the model will not be for sale and is produced for hospital units only. 

The kit is designed to introduce children to the process of MRI scan and help them comprehend the concept, removing the fear of the unknown. To this end, the LEGO MRI scanner can also be opened up by the kid, revealing what's inside of the machine. Appropriate to the hospital setting, its colors, which are chosen among those used in hospitals, are mostly white, gray, and blue. It also includes two doctors and a patient entering the MRI machine. 

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