Lego Releases International Space Station Set and Sends It up to Space

The set comes with rotating solar panels, astronaut minifigures, and a space shuttle.
Fabienne Lang
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You'll soon be able to build your very own International Space Station (ISS), and it won't take half as long as the real version. Thanks to Lego's upcoming set you can own your own part of the iconic ISS.

The set is due to go on sale on February 1st and comprises of 864 pieces. It comes complete with three cargo spacecraft, two astronaut minifigures, and a mini NASA space shuttle. 


Realistic set

Lego has come up with some fantastic sets in its time, and this one will join those ranks nicely.

Lego Releases International Space Station Set and Sends It up to Space
The Lego ISS set with the Space Shuttle, Source: Lego

To celebrate its launch, Lego sent the mini ISS made out of Lego bricks up to the stratosphere by using a giant weather balloon to "get it as close to the real ISS."

According to Lego, the team asked NASA experts to approve of the design of the plastic brick set. 

In keeping with Lego's proper form, the set comes with a number of attachments, including eight rotating solar panels, and details that the real ISS works with every day. There's a tiny airlock hatch that astronauts use daily to get in and out of the ISS, there are small spacecraft that transport the crew and cargo to the ISS included, and a number of others.

The only part of the set that isn't currently included in the real ISS is the Space Shuttle. NASA stopped using the Space Shuttle back in 2011, but it was used throughout the early 2000s. You can view it as Lego taking you back in time with their mini Space Shuttle.

When assembled, the set measures 49 centimeters (19 inches). It'll soon be available online as well as in Lego stores and costs $69.99.

Lego Releases International Space Station Set and Sends It up to Space
The ISS boxset that will be available from February 1st, Source: Lego

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