A Letter with a Drawn Map on it Instead of the Address Gets Delivered!

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Well, an address is just a way to help to the service to deliver your stuff to the right point, but if you have a good memory, and pay attention to the details, you can help to the ‘postman’ in other ways too.

That’s what a tourist visiting Iceland has done. He sent a letter to the couple he had visited earlier in the year by drawing a map instead of the address, and the envelope delivered astonishingly to the right people!

Traveling always meets you with new lifestyles, nature, architecture, food, culture and certainly with new people. We may normally promise to stay in touch, but mostly through social media like Facebook and Instagram. In this, we forget to get the post address, because who sends mail in 2016, right? Surely, social media gives us big advances like reminders for birthdays and anniversaries but what if we want to send them an olds school letter or a gift? As in, actually mail someone a letter?

1[Image Source: Reddit]

The Icelandic tourist was faced with the same problem when he wanted to send a letter to an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep, as he wrote. Clearly, he remembers many details about the family. From the directions and street names to the jobs of each member, but an address? Nope. So he trusted his skills and the intelligence of the postman and found his own way.

Hólar farm minizoo in Iceland[Image Source: Hólar farm minizoo in Iceland]

He obviously has an awesome memory and some pretty sick map-drawing skills. So he put them to use and drew the helpful map for the postman to use to find the intended house in the northwestern village of Búðardalur, Hólar, Iceland.

It reads:

"Country: Iceland. City: Búðardalur. Name: A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!" With the additional clue; "The Danish woman works in a supermarket in Búðardalur."

Ekran Resmi 2016-09-02 18.17.16[Image Source: Maps/Google]

According to the Danish News Site, the map, along with a combination of helpful clues, actually worked! It has detailed information such as town and road names and has even a red dot on the target point.

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Hólar farm minizoo in Iceland2[Image Source: Hólar farm minizoo in Iceland]

The letter was mailed in Reykjavík to the Hólar farm according to West Iceland news service, Skessuhornið. The farm is considered a small tourist attraction in the area due to it having a "mini zoo" where the owners allow tourists to pet their horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and other animals. The actual address of the farm, when searched on Google Maps, lands you in the middle of a lake.

Ekran Resmi 2016-09-02 18.18.41

[Image Source: Maps Google]

The picture of the mail popped up on a Reddit thread on August 30 with the caption, “Without an address, an Icelandic tourist drew this map of the intended location (Búðardalur) and surroundings on the envelope. The postal service delivered!”

Heart whelming stories remind us of the days when we took the addresses of each other and actually scheduled plans with friends without any cellphones around. And, telling us to use old school ways to communicate might be lovelier than the digital ways too.

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