LG Debuts New PuriCare, ThinQ for Smart Connectivity, Home Entertainment

LG debuts some of 2021's newest and hottest technology in the first-ever virtual CES 2021.
Trevor English

CES 2021 kicked-off with exciting technology and product announcements. The first event of the day, LG's "Life is ON" started the conference off with new innovations in home appliances, entertainment, and IT developments.

We saw the debut of LG's new ThinQ home connectivity app, CloiBot for COVID-19 sanitation, and numerous home entertainment advances.


UPDATE Jan 11, 8:25 AM EST: LG ThinQ

Notably, nearly all of LG's new tech is capable of connecting through phone apps. Its TVs are controllable via phone — similarly, LG's washing machine and even fridges are connectable via an innovative app.

Called LG ThinQ, LG's connected app is taking its biggest leap forward in 2021, moving beyond a simple control interface to a new lifestyle app focused on an open and connected ecosystem. LG highlights that it will open the app up to partners to further connect more aspects of consumers' lives.

UPDATE Jan 11, 8:20 AM EST: LG debuts CLOi Bot

LG announced a new autonomous robot — called CLOi bot — that utilizes UV lights to roam, clean, and disinfect hotel rooms after a guest’s stay. This is meant for use in conjunction with traditional cleaning services, helping hotels maintain a greater standard of safety in the age of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

UPDATE Jan 11, 8:15 AM EST: LG’s home entertainment innovations

In the home entertainment space, LG notes that TV usage has increased by about 21% in the last year for adults. Upon this rise in TV usage, LG’s announced their new OLED evo TVs. The devices come equipped with their LG a9 Gen4 AI processors that can alter the display based on viewing conditions. More than ever, TVs are becoming fully-functional computers to tailor entertainment perfectly to users in real-time.

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LG introduced its most advanced LCD TVs to date, the LG QNED MiniLED TVs come in ultra-large sizes. By using an “advanced backlight array” composed of mini-LEDs, the TVs can create some of the most precise colors and blacks on the market. The TVs are available in both 4K and 8.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 8:10 AM EST: LG's stacked laundry machines

In the laundry space, LG announced a new line of stacked laundry machines with a connected controller in the middle of the washer and dryer — controlling both devices. This keeps all of the controls for laundry front-and-center for the user, while also taking up 50% less floor space than their non-stacked counterparts.

The laundry machines also come with integrated AI — capable of sensing fabric texture to tailor the washing technique perfectly to what’s in the machine.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 8:05 AM EST: LG PuriCare air purifier line, side refrigerator with tinted glass doors

LG’s 2021 home appliance innovations kicked off with the announcement of the new LG PuriCare line of air purifiers. Notably, the air filters exceed guidelines for indoor air quality. One of the most notable segments of this tech is a line of portable air purifiers and masks.

LG also reimagined their premiere side by side refrigerator that has tinted, glass-covered doors along with an "instaview" window so users may view what's inside. The fridge also has a unique door cooling feature that creates a barrier of cold moist air around the food in the refrigerator to help keep it fresher for longer.

Alcohol lovers might also love their new fridge as it’s capable of creating large round ice cubes common in cocktails and mixed drinks.

LG kicks-off CES 2021 with smart home announcements

Smart home technology continues to dominate the consumer technology space. Whether via connected speakers, smart TVs, or even connected appliances, developing an internet of things in the home is central to smart home development.

LG is slated to debut several new appliances and home technology devices capable of innovating this space during their live stream at CES 2021.