LG Gives A Preview of Its 2020 AI-Enabled Product Lineup

LG gave an early morning press conference featuring several new smart home appliances and televisions.
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LG's early CES 2020 press conference kicked off Monday morning's press scrum with an emphasis on how their AI-powered smart home products will enhance the user experience of their products.

LG's AI-powered smart appliance promise a more personalized experience

LG's Monday morning press conference at CES 2020 showcased the company's AI-powered home and lifestyle products that they said will allow customers to bring a sense of "homeness" with them wherever they are.

LG CEO IP Park emphasized that LG's consumer product focus for 2020 and beyond centered on a simple goal: "Anywhere is home." Together with Element AI CEO Jean-Francois Gagne, Park explained the company's vision of several different levels of AI capability for their smart appliances, from basic Alexa-style Level One AI up to Level Four exploratory AI that can hypothesize what a user may need before being asked and make decisions accordingly.

What's new with LG's smart appliances

LG Gives A Preview of Its 2020 AI-Enabled Product Lineup

While LG's 2020 appliance lineup is getting general performance improvements across the board, the most interesting development is the in-door ice makers on LG refrigerators. Like fancy-pants ice spheres? Well, now you can get your craft ice fix from your fridge's ice maker so you can impress your friends when you're hosting a party.

Is this an earth-shattering development? Hardly. Is it the kind of thing that someone with more money than they know what to do with will splurge on as they move into their new luxury condo in Manhattan? Yep.

LG Gives A Preview of Its 2020 AI-Enabled Product Lineup

Speaking of luxury appliances, if you don't have your own wine cave, you can pick up an LG Signature Wine Cellar to store a dozen or so bottles of wine, with different wine racks with their own temperature controls. Who says we're in a new gilded age!

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LG's OLED televisions getting an AI, size, and 8K boost

LG Gives A Preview of Its 2020 AI-Enabled Product Lineup

LG continues to advance their OLED product line with bigger displays, higher resolutions, and AI-upscaling. While they didn't introduce anything like last year's roll-up television, they did announce that it will be going on sale this year.

Their 8K OLED display as crisp as you'd imagine and LG is continuing its development of some impressive PC gaming displays in partnership with NVIDIA. Their Gallery Series is expanding as well with a 55-inch, a 65-inch, and a 77-inch display.

Once the convention officially opens, we'll have a better chance to see all of LG's new products in action and we'll have a better idea how they're stacking up next to Samsung's similarly impressive offerings.

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