Lighting a Match with Only Rubber Bands

Trevor English

If you have yourself a set of matches, but no matchbook to light them, you can do the trick with one little rubber band. There probably aren't many situations in which you can think of where you would find yourself with 2 matches, no matchbook, and a rubber band, but if you do, you will be prepared. Other than using this method to actually light a fire, you could also challenge your friends at the bar to light matches with only a rubber band. You can check out the video below which will show you how to do everything.

The most important thing to note about this method is that you need to have two matches here, and it won't work with only one match. This is because of how the match gets lit in the first place. As he stretches the band and it releases, the first match flies into the second one, just grazing the surface and thus lighting the match. One thing that is missing in this video is a high-speed shot, and unfortunately, Youtube's built-in features don't compensate for the frame rate the video was shot in.

LIGHT MATCH[Image Source: MrGear]

Probably the only time which this technique would be useful is if your matchbook gets wet, or the strike section gets worn out or damaged. Anyway, this is an awesome trick, and you should definitely challenge your friends to see if they can figure out how to light a match with only a rubber band!

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