LinkedIn Adds Audio Clip Feature to Prevent Mispronunciation

No more awkward mishaps need to happen thanks to the 10 second-long audio clip option.
Fabienne Lang

Have you ever met someone new and after only seeing their name written down you're completely unsure how to properly pronounce it? It happens more than you'd think. 

When it comes to professional connections, you don't want to make that mistake. So, LinkedIn has now added a 10-second audio clip where users can upload a sound bite of their name to their profile, so now there's no reason for any mispronunciations. 


Recordings via mobile apps

LinkedIn's recordings are currently only available to upload via Android and iOS mobile apps, but the playback option is available on both mobile and desktop. 

LinkedIn walks you step by step if you're keen to upload your audio clip to your profile, you can check it out here

It may be and sound like a simple addition, however, it's a massively welcome one. Given the number of people around the world who use LinkedIn to connect with international professionals, this will help minimize any awkward moments of mispronounced names. 

This is especially significant nowadays, when most of the world is posting job alerts and recruiting and having first-time meetings virtually. 

LinkedIn Adds Audio Clip Feature to Prevent Mispronunciation
The new feature will pop up next to the LinkedIn user's name on their profile, Source: LinkedIn

The option will be rolled out to all of LinkedIn's 690 million users this month. There will really no longer be any excuse to butcher someone's name any longer — hurrah! 

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What will be interesting to see, however, is whether or not every user that decides to upload an audio clip uses it purely for that function. Will people use the feature to promote themselves in a short 10-second clip? Perhaps. Let's see what systems LinkedIn will put in place to try and keep it, well, professional. 

You won't be needing any of these fancy audio recording systems, just a good ol' mobile phone audio recorder.

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