London’s Garden Bridge final design revealed

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The final design for the Garden Bridge in London has been revealed and the bridge will be a green public space that crosses over the River Thames, providing it reaches the building stage.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

The concept for the Garden Bridge came from the actress Joanna Lumley back in 1988 but it wasn’t classed as being a feasible project until 2013. The bridge has received a great deal of criticism with some people saying that it is too expensive, the bridge would block off the view of St Pauls Cathedral and of course it would be closed off during the night.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

However the Garden Bridge Trust who is overseeing the project are pushing on with the planning of it. They have highlighted the fact that the bridge is going to be a public park that is very unique and it will also link the South and North banks, which are cultural areas. It will provide a safer and faster pedestrian route along with showcasing design and engineering in the UK.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

If the project for the Garden Bridge goes ahead it will link the Temple tube station and South Bank of the Thames and beyond into Convent Garden. The renders which have just been released show off five regions that have been landscaped differently situated over 2,500 square meters of planting space. The space is going to include over 270 trees, 2,000 hedging plants and shrubs, 22,000 ferns, grasses and perennial plants along with 64,000.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

The design of the planting will ensure that whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter there will be something interesting to see with blossom in the spring, summer flowers and evergreens and scented bulbs and shrubs in the winter. The flowers and berries will attract wildlife while the plants, flowers, shrubs and bushes will frame the views up and down the river Thames.

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[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

While species have been planted that will thrive year round the Garden Bridge is taking inspiration from the horticultural history of London. The region opposite South Bank will have species that are most common to Lambeth Marsh and the North Glade section is going to feature a woodland section which takes inspiration from gardens and parks in old London.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

Another area dedicated to woodland will be the South Glade and this is going to feature plants which are well known for their spring blossom and fruit in the autumn. This region will also feature scented late winter flowers and early flowering shrubs from the Temple Gardens. The Scarp, otherwise known as the central span, is going to have a cliff top landscape.


[Image Source: Garden Bridge Trust]

The Garden Bridge construction is going to start early on in 2016 and if all goes to plan the bridge will complete in 2018.

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