Lotus Auctions Off Its Only Production Motorcycle

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lotus 2 [Image Source: Mecum Actions]

With the recent release of Lotus's new and only line of motorcycles, the first one is reported to go up for auction later this week.

The exotic motorcycle is designed by no other than the motorcycle whiz Daniel Simon. Simon, world renowned for his iconic Hollywood motorcycles including the Lightcycle from the movie “Tron Legacy”, as well as the ‘Bubbleship’ used by Tom Cruise in the recent release of Universal's sci-fi hit ‘Oblivion’. He is also a former designer for Bugatti Automobiles- needless to say, Simon likes to make things go fast- incredibly, stupidly fast.

With no such exception comes the design of the C-01 Lotus- the only production motorcycle made by Lotus. The first price point was set at US$137,000, however, with only 100 ever made, it is expected it will be sold for much higher at an estimated $370,000 - $450,000 . The action will take place in Pebble beach where it is to be auctioned off by Mecum.

The main drive to build the machine upon is to create a functional, yet elegant and beautiful motorcycle unlike any other. Simon adds

"With the Lotus C-01, we have only one ambition: to create a unique state-of-the-art machine that carries its brutal forces with elegance and style, a high-tech monster in a tailored suit. The C-01, with all its top notch components and materials, is first and foremost emotional, heartbreaking, at times playfully retro, and always clearly a Lotus. Lotus is a glamorous name with a rich history, and the C-01 celebrates it proudly: the shapes of the marvelous Lotus 49 were a main inspiration, and all color schemes pay homage to iconic Lotus racing liveries, such as the dashing black and gold. The intersection of past and future always fascinates, and so does the unique idea of the C-01.”

Under the hood lies a 200 HP TM-sourced 1.2-liter V-twin borrowed from the RC8R superbike. Such power requires 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear shocks, and two nearly all carbon-fiber wheels, housed within an aerospace-grade stainless steel frame. Other specs are as follows:

Construction: 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine, 75° V-style
Capacity: 1,195 cm³
Bore: 105 mm
Stroke: 69 mm
Power Approx: 200 HP
Transmission: 6-gear jaw-type shift transmission
Lubrication: Dry sump lubrication
Main shaft ratio: 40:76
Lay shaft ratio: 15:41
Clutch: Hydraulic anti-hopping clutch
Ignition: Full electronic engine management with digital adjustment of the ignition


Frame: Aero tech steel/Titanium/Carbon fibre frame
Fork: Upside down
Suspension strut: Twin suspension strut
Spring travel front: 80 mm
Spring travel rear: 70 mm
Brake system front: Twin brake disc, ø320mm, four piston calipers
Brake system rear: One brake disc, ø220mm, two piston calipers
Chain: X-Ring resp. O-Ring
Head tube ang: 59°
Fork ang: 54°
Ride height: 90 mm
Height of seat: 710 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 10.5 l
Dry weight: approx. 181 kg

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