Lotus Belle tents offer a luxury camping option

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When you talk about going camping you typically think of a small two man tent with groundsheet and sleeping bags, right? You know the type of tent that you have to crawl into and which is very tightly spaced and cramped. Well this is generally the equipment that is associated with camping; however there is now a luxury camping option from Lotus Belle tents in the UK.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

If you would like to sleep out in the open but you don’t fancy getting down on the floor and wrapping yourself up in a sleeping bag on the hard ground, you don’t have to. You can have the best of both worlds, a proper bed, plenty of room and still camp outdoors in a tent thanks to the Lotus Belle, a totally new type of tent.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

The Lotus Belle comes with the styling of a yurt, yet it has a great deal more to offer. If you are a fan of Dr Who, you will know that the Tardis is a lot bigger on the inside than what it looks on the outer. Well this tent is like that, looking at it from the outside you would never think that it was as spacious on the interior.

1066559_orig[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

You can even stand upright in the Lotus Belle tent and it could not be easier to store and take with you. It comes with just a single centre pole along with ten poles that are flexible and light and which you can put together very easily. Another factor that makes the Lotus Belle stand out is the fact that the tent comes with separate roof and wall canvases. One of the biggest benefits to this is that they can be managed far more easily and if the tent gets wet, the canvases can dry much faster.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

The Lotus Belle tent comes with a design that is innovative, as the groundsheet of the tent is able to clip to the tent on the poles on the wall and therefore creates a type of “dish” effect. This has two benefits; it stops water from getting into the tent and insects from crawling into it. Another feature is that sections of the tents can be removed individually. These spaces can then be used as needed, for instance to make space for a hearth if you want to enjoy a fire.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

To ensure that there is plenty of light in the tent there are two windows, this also allows plenty of fresh air into the ten. The windows come with their own curtain of canvas, which can be simply zipped up and held fast to let in light or dropped down.

Only the highest quality of materials have been used in the design, so the Lotus Belle tent looks stunning, being made to high specifications. The tent offers plenty of space inside. You don’t have to sleep in the rough as you can put your bed in it, your coach and rugs for flooring.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

The company offer two different styles of Lotus Belle tent. There is the Outback and the Standard. Both of the versions of tent are available in huge 13 and 16 feet version. Either of the tents will fold into a large duffel bag for carrying and easily fit into the boot of a car. When packed the tents come in at around 4 x 1.3 x 1.3 feet.


[Image Source: Lotus Belle Tents]

The company even say that the tents will remain standing in winds of up to 62mph and they are waterproof. So if you fancy camping but you want to camp in style, this could be tent for you. The tent may be easy to carry around but not sure how you would be able to take your bed, coach and coffee table with you in the car.


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