Luxurious SiloHome transformed out of cold war missile silo

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A home in New York has been transformed out of a cold war era missile silo. Many of the hundreds of silos built in the US have been long forgotten and remain in disrepair. However, Gregory Gibbons and Bruce Francisco saw a lot of potential in one in Adirondack State Park and decided to make it their SiloHome. The luxurious house spreads out over 2,300 square feet underground.


[Image Source: Silohome]

The SiloHome sits on 19 acres of forest in New York and on the surface it is 1,800 square feet. The home has hardwood floors, a porch that wraps around it, glass curtains, exposed beams and plenty of skylights. It even has its own private airstrip.


[Image Source: Silohome]

It really comes into its own underground though as two levels have been added and the owners are able to access these via one touch of a keypad. The hidden Launch Control Centre turns the underground area into a suite offering luxury. The blast doors lead people down to a stairwell 125 feet below the surface.


[Image Source: Silohome]

There is a kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, entertainment room and a deluxe Jacuzzi. Further down into the property there are another two blast doors that lead to the missile silo itself. This goes down underground nine floors, 185 feet below the surface. It has a tunnel of 50 feet in diameter which was designed to be able to withstand a nuclear attack.


[Image Source: Silohome]

The luxury SiloHome took 20 years to renovate and add in 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The pair sold the property for $750,000.


[Image Source: Silohome]


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