Demand for $300,000 luxury bomb shelters is rising amid Russia's Ukraine invasion

Should we be worried?
Chris Young
A render of Artemis Protection's luxury bunkers.Artemis Protection

Inquiries and demand for bomb shelters have skyrocketed following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

An Italian bomb shelter company, Minus Energie, said inquiries about its products reached unprecedented levels since Russian forces crossed the border into Ukraine on February 24, according to a report by Business Insider.

It's a trend that's spreading globally as the world reacts to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

"I've never seen it like this"

Minus Energie has only built 50 bomb shelters since it was founded two decades ago. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, it received an unprecedented 500 inquiries from potential customers asking about its bunkers.

Minus Energie's smallest bunker offering starts at a price of $32,000, at a price of between $1,300 to $2,100 per square meter, the company explains on its website. According to Business Insider, other survival shelter firms including U.S.-based Rising S Company have also received increased attention over the last two weeks.

In an interview with the publication, Ron Hubbard, the CEO of Atlas Survival Shelters, said "I've never seen it like this because we've seen Russia invade a sovereign country. A lot of people who were on the fence are like, 'Let's do this.'"

Luxury bunkers are on the rise

The thought of buying a bomb shelter might not feel as far-out and apocalyptic as it might have done prior to the pandemic. As a report by The New York Times puts it, the world's "manifestations of its anxieties and desires for self-defense have shifted from the masks, vaccines, and lockdowns of Covid to the bunkers, iodine pills, and air raid sirens of nuclear war." Still, it's surprising to see that some bomb shelter companies are providing luxury bunkers.

Demand for $300,000 luxury bomb shelters is rising amid Russia's Ukraine invasion
A render showing the inside of one of Artemis Protection's luxury bunkers. Source: Artemis Protection

France-based Artemis Protection, for example, offers luxury bomb shelters for a cost of between $300,000 and $500,000, depending on requirements. The company's founder, Mathieu Séranne, told Business Insider he has received 500 bomb shelter inquiries over the last two weeks.

In a statement on March 9, the European Union said it is "extremely concerned by the nuclear safety, security and safeguards risks caused by the Russian invasion on Ukraine and the potential damage to its nuclear facilities that could have a significant impact with potentially severe consequences for human health and the environment." 

Just over two years ago, one might have been laughed at for suggesting the entire world would be wearing masks and social distancing for months on end. Now, in a world that's used to being on high alert, the new demand for bomb shelters might feel less surprising, though it's no less alarming. 

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