Macron refuses PCR test in his Moscow visit. To prevent Russia from stealing his DNA?

This explains why they sat so, so far apart.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Russian President Vladimir Putin with French President Emmanuel Macron in Moscow,

Sometimes you have to protect your own DNA.

Such may be the case with French President Emmanuel Macron in a recent visit to Russia, according to a report from Reuters.

Two sources in Macron's entourage told the news outlet that Macron refused a Russian COVID-19 test when he arrived to see President Vladimir Putin in order to prevent them from getting his DNA.

Macron protecting his DNA?

The end result was that Macron and Putin sat at tables so far apart that many on social media mocked them. "We knew very well that meant no handshake and that long table. But we could not accept that they get their hands on the president's DNA," one of the sources told Reuters.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also revealed that Macron had refused the country's request for the test. He said Russia would comply with the conditions but would need to implement a 6-meter (20-feet) distance between Macron and Putin. He also added that Macron's decision would not affect negotiations in any way.

Macron did not travel to Russia with no testing whatsoever, however. Reports confirmed he undertook a French PCR test before his departure to the nation and an antigen test once in Russia which was done by his doctor.

The fear of Russia stealing Macron's DNA was never confirmed, instead, when Macron’s office was asked about the allegation it replied: "The president has doctors who define with him the rules that are acceptable or not in terms of his own health protocol."

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True and founded fears?

The story begs the following questions: Are Macron's fears founded and are the allegations even true? Is it logical to believe that the French president would think that Russia could actually steal his DNA? After all, what would the nation even do with it?

Since Macron's office never confirmed the rumors, it might be safe to assume that the media may have taken the story a little too far and that the French political figure simply felt more comfortable trusting his own doctors on the matter while the Russian leader may have wanted a little more protection from the virus. Russia was a quick adopter of the Coronavirus vaccine, registering it as early as August 2020 and giving Putin's daughter a shot as soon as it was approved.

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