Make a Centrifugal Water Pump Using a Hard Drive

Trevor English

Youtube Navin Khambhala constantly creates amazing gadgets and machines out of otherwise useless materials, and this time he has turned a hard drive into a centrifugal water pump. Centrifugal pumps are used in all sorts of applications and they range from the very small to the enormous. One of the biggest measures of the power of a pump is not only horse power but the head which it can output water. There are a lot of factors that go into selecting pumps for a job site, but if you just need a handy small one, check out the video below.

Another big thing to consider when selecting pumps is how well they handle dirt or particles in the water. If your source water is dirty and murky, you are going to want a pump that can handle that without breaking down. While you may think all pumps are alike, there are virtually hundreds of different pump designs used for a variety of applications. Building a pump like the one in the above video would be useful if you had a small leak, or maybe if you just needed to get fresh water to your cabin in the woods. You would be able to adjust flow rate by altering the speed of the motor, but the power of the motor will ultimately limit the head or height which you can pump the fluid.

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