Making a Face Shield Out of a Krispy Kreme Box

Not a day goes by without another new mask idea.
Deniz Yildiran

The recent pandemic revealed that it was not the time to hide one's light under a bushel. By staying at home and having almost an unlimited amount of time, people had so much to think about and have come up with brand new ideas on facemasks for protection. Andy Clockwise is one of them, showcasing his ingenious idea on YouTube. 

Turning his joy of eating into something useful, Clockwise made a face shield simply by shaping his Krispy Kreme box with scissors and sticky tape. 

Only in minutes, a new mask can be made out of a paper box and some plastic lid with little nicks cut for the straps. 


Jokes included

His followers also supported the idea on comments section. "In my experience, those who are passionate about not wearing a mask might reconsider if the doughnuts were left inside the box, and hence, inside the mask." was one of them, while another one emphasized on the hunger "Good old-fashioned American ingenuity! We’re not the fattest nation on Earth for nothin’!"

After creating the mask and leaving a possible space-entry at the bottom, Clockwise enjoyed eating the doughnut.

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Covering your whole face with a shield instead of covering your nose and mouth in fact may offer you more protection from coronavirus, considering that you will not be able to touch your face unintentionally in any case. 

Turning everything into masks

Making your own masks and face shields have come into prominence recently as they have become a necessity. The reason for that might be either changing a disposable one every day costs much or people just like to find ways to spend their time effectively.  

If you are thinking about what else you can create, the options are truly endless. From transparent masks to snorkeling masks turned ventilators, you may just add up to them