Malaysia-Made Prefabricated Skyscrapers Will Rise In Singapore, Tallest Prefabs of the World

World is about to meet its tallest human made structure. And there will be two of them.
Deniz Yildiran

You may or may not have witnessed the construction processes of some of the world's tallest buildings, if not, here's your chance to witness one of them. 

The only difference is, these two buildings will be installed as prefabricated ones. 

The upcoming project by ADDP Architects, a Singaporean firm, will be the world's first fabricated skyscrapers with a height of 630 ft (192m), after 2,716.5 ft (827 mt) tall all-concrete Burj al-Khalifa.

Challenging itself

According to CNN, Both skyscrapers are to be erected in Singapore's Bukit Merah District. However, large parts of them are currently being built in Senai, Malaysia, approximately 372 miles (600 km) away from the planned spot. They will also house 988 apartments in total.

The skyscrapers are to beat the world record of the tallest prefabricated building, 459 ft (140 m) tall Clement Canopy. The aforementioned building was also a project of ADDP Architects.

The factory-made units are being made in Malaysia, then moved to the construction site in Singapore. Some parts, such as doors, are not necessarily planned to be transported but to be added later, as one of the firm's associate partners, Markus Cheng Thuan Hann explained.


Less noise, less waste, less cost

The twins are designed in a way that reduces noise during the construction phase, good news for the residential areas close to the project. "And it can reduce waste... because the workmanship in a factory is much better controlled," Hann says.

When it comes to cutting costs and less relying on less workforce, prefabrication appears to be the right choice.

Singapore's Building and Construction Authority currently encourages using PPVC, which enables funders to save 8% in cost and increase production rates up to 40% compared to the classic construction way, reports CNN.

The project is expected to be completed in 2023. What's more, depending on how the construction goes in the following days, the company reportedly plans to build even higher ones.

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