Man Barred From Yellowstone After Trying to Spring-Fry Chicken

Who dare use the nature's forbidden deep-fry?
Utku Kucukduner

A man from Idaho has recently become blacklisted by authorities in the Yellowstone National Park after his attempt to cook himself some chickens in the off-limits thermal hot spring area.

Rangers went on alert after receiving a report of people equipped with cooking pots hiking towards the Shoshone Geyser Basin — the park’s largest geyser region — on August 7. On investigation, they busted a group of people in the middle of their hot-pot session according to East Idaho News. Rangers' investigation revealed two whole avians simmering in a burlap sack with cooking utensils nearby.


The perpetrator, whose name is not revealed, has been fined a $1,200 bill for violating closures and use limits. He is also to serve two years of unsupervised probation. During this two year period, the cooking aficionado is barred from entering Yellowstone National Park premises altogether.

Not the first incident

While unusual, this is not the first attempt at making spring-cooked chicken in Yellowstone National Park. A television show host from Seattle was fined while digging a makeshift barbecue hole in a thermal area to prove that one could cook chicken with the natural heat in the area according to Idaho Statesman.

Yellowstone has a policy of prohibiting tourists from placing objects in hot springs and visitors are not allowed to stray from predetermined and marked trails in areas with high hydrothermal activity for obvious reasons. Geysers, which are cherished for their unpredictable discharges can spurt out water as hot as 143 degrees Fahrenheit (61 degrees Celsius), which is more than enough to inflict life-threatening third-degree burns. What's more terrifying is that these randomly erupting geysers are often concealed under a thin veil of dirt.

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