Man Caught With Gold Bars up His Butt at International Airport

You might want to think twice if you ever decide to evade taxes with a pain in the butt.
Deniz Yildiran

We understand that paying high amounts of taxes for what you have might be disturbing sometimes. However, evading taxes is not one of the ways to cope with it, let alone carrying the valuables in your bum. 

That was exactly the case in India’s Kannur International Airport last week. A man had been caught with two pounds (1470 gram) of gold bars in his butt.


Airport staff decided to keep a closer eye on him after realizing his strange walk and let the security know about it; obviously, he wouldn't look comfortable walking straight. He was stopped by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officials at the port, per Ladbible.

The guy had just traveled from Dubai on a GoAir flight and apparently, he had been successful until he was spotted.

He was searched after being taken to another area, and there it was; some gold in a body part that nobody ever wanted to discover. 

The government's Comissionerate of Customs shared the interesting discovery on Twitter, stating: AIU Kannur seized 1470gm gold in compound form (1316gm extracted) from a passenger who arrived from Dubai by flight G8 4013."

"The compound gold was concealed in the rectum of the passenger in four capsule shaped objects," another tweet from the commissionerate continued. 

It is not one of those rare cases, just differs in the way the gold had been carried. Indian police have reported a case where criminal gangs have taken their shots to smuggle gold in the country in recent months, reports Finanz.

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Smugglers have other ways such as hiding gold in chocolate boxes, purses, and even mask them in umbrellas or pens. So this guy seemed to have wanted to take no risks at all. But it wasn't that smart, it turns out. 

The reason behind these sad cases in fact relates to distorted economies of the world countries as the pandemic swept all over, as officials declared.

It's clear that the world is going through hard times, but this case has got us all thinking, was it worth all the pain still? 

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