Man Killed by His Own Booby Trap Made to Protect His Home

His door had been outfitted with a device designed to fire a handgun if an intruder should enter.
Loukia Papadopoulos

A U.S. resident from Maine has been killed by a booby trap he set up to protect his home from intruders, revealed authorities. The Van Buren Police Department said in a Facebook post that Ronald Cyr, 65 called 911 early Thursday evening to say that he had been shot.


A booby trap

The police provided emergency medical assistance but unfortunately, Cyr succumbed to his wounds in the hospital. Officers revealed that they "discovered that the front door of the residence had been outfitted with a device designed to fire a handgun should anyone attempt to enter the door."

The police also found other "unknown devices" and were alarmed enough to contact the Maine State Police Bomb Squad. They concluded that Cyr was shot "as the result of the unintentional discharge of one of his homemade devices."

Targeted by burglars 

Cyr was supposedly frustrated because he was constantly targeted by burglars, revealed two family members reached by The GuardianMark and Lorraine, who said they were two of Ronald’s siblings, said Ronald was fed up with the police after they ignored his complaints.

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"He was afraid," Mark said. "The cops wouldn’t do nothing so he took matters [into his own hands.]"

The pair also revealed they took issue with Ronald using booby traps but that he only considered that option after using fences and cameras failed to provide the protection he needed.

“We were not in favor of him doing that because he wasn’t used to guns – really, that was not his forte – but he was so frustrated,” Lorraine said.

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