Man makes headlines after winning the lottery with ChatGPT

The winning amount was small but the approach was impressive.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Could ChatGPT help you win the lottery?


A man has made headlines worldwide for claiming that he managed to win the lottery using numbers provided by the AI chatbot ChatGPT.

This is according to a report by Mashable published this month.

Patthawikorn Boonrin took to TikTok to announce that he put a few hypothetical questions and some winning numbers from previous years in the system. He received a few winning numbers from the chatbot. These were 57, 27, 29, and 99.

The winning amount wasn’t much (only THB2,000 (US$59)), but it did prove the AI chatbot’s power in delivering results.

Boonrin shared on a local news outlet that he had previously dabbled in using ChatGPT to generate lottery numbers on several occasions, all fruitful. He added that the bot had told him that winning the lottery was all about luck before reminding him to "not be too obsessed" with his new hobby and to "go out and do something like exercise.” Now, the Thai resident has created a TikTok account where he illustrates how he uses ChatGPT to try and strike lottery gold repeatedly, according to Mashable.

Boonrin has even made headlines worldwide, with many following his account to see if he can replicate his success, particularly with more significant amounts of money. If he proves successful at doing so, lottery companies may have to change their approach to their business.

What do you think of Boonrin’s win? Was it just some dumb luck, or could ChatGPT predict winning numbers? If so, can the process be replicated by anyone resulting in many winners in the future? Should lottery companies be worried?

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