Man Smashes World Record for Fastest Garbage Bin in UK, 43 MPH

A man broke the fastest garbage bin world record, going roughly 43 mph.
Brad Bergan

A 28-year-old man broke the world record for fastest garbage bin on Sunday — smashing the goal at 43 mph (69.2 km/h) — 13 mph faster than the previous record of 30 mph (48.2 km/h), according to a video initially released by the South West News Service (SWNS), in the UK.


Man smashed world record for garbage can speed in UK

The man — named Andy Jennings — converted his household garbage bin into a racing contraption — installing a small motorbike engine, ignition, gearbox, bike seat, and a mobility scooter's steering, reports York Press.

Jennings hit the tarmac of the Elvington Airfield on Sunday with his tricked-out garbage bin to shoot for the new world record on Sunday. Officials from the Guinness World Record set the record of 30 mph as his goal for the title.

This latest record is the latest in a series of land-speed records broken on Sunday at the airport, during an event put together by the motorsport racing company Straightliners.

Other world records set included the world's fastest motorized toilet — which went 44.6 mph (71.7 km/h), and the world's fastest garden shed — which rocketed down the tarmac at 106.1 mph (170.7 km/h).

'Adrenaline junkie,' 95% paralyzed, sets record

A self-described 'adrenaline junkie' named Jason Liversidge (44 years old) reached speeds of nearly 65 mph (104.6 km/h) in a motorized wheelchair — despite being in a 95% paralyzed body.

Both Jennings and Liversidge were ecstatic to have broken the targets set for them, reports York Press.

Jennings world record was set in honor of his best friend Ben Ellis, who died in June — "It's been a great day all [a]round," said Jennings.

"I got my record, with 45.35 mph — which is well above the target I was set of 30 mph, so I was really happy with that," he added.

"It was a bit hairy on my first attempt, because it was quite windy on the runway and I got caught in the crosswinds, so it was pretty bumpy, and pulling to the left and the right," he said, York Press reports.

So it seems while the world suffers from a global pandemic and a rapidly-worsening climate crisis, there still is fun to be had — namely, racing converted garbage bins, toilets, and other oddly-specific vehicle choices.

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