'Many Exciting Things' In Store For Battery Day, Tweets Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased the world with a tweet about 'exciting things' in store for Battery Day.
Brad Bergan

Elon Musk teased his fans on Friday with a tweet — hinting at the things Tesla has in store for Battery Day, on September 22.

Speculation is driving the auto industry wild.


'Many exciting things' in store for Battery Day, tweets Elon Musk

"Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day 9/22," wrote Elon Musk in a Friday tweet.

Tesla's Battery Day and Shareholders Meeting have so far been pushed back several times, reports Electrek.

Battery Day was initially delayed for unexplained reasons, and later both events were delayed simultaneously due to issues surrounding the COVID-19 crisis as Tesla combined the events into one, with limited and in-person attendance.

In August, Tesla declared it would hold its Shareholders Meeting virtually, with Battery Day going forward mostly via virtual means, with some limited in-person attendance of randomly-selected people.

UPDATE September 11, 2:33 PM EDT: In-house battery cell manufacturing plant 'Roadrunner' likely center-stage

At the upcoming event, Tesla is expected to explain its plans to shore-up battery cell supply to support its coming surge in electric vehicle production.

At the center of the plan is a proprietary battery cell manufacturing process called Roadrunner.

Earlier this year, Tesla debuted its "Roadrunner" project, consisting of a newly designed in-house battery cell manufacturing system capable of increasing production volume and reducing cost.

Tesla also built a "Tesla battery manufacturing facility" within its facilities on Kato Road, near the Fremont factory, to house the new project.

The new battery manufacturing system is slated for center stage at the event, but the scope might be much bigger, since batteries power most of Tesla's products.

UPDATE September 11, 2:57 PM EDT: Tesla could expand on Palladium project, or rapidly-deployable manufacturing process

Tesla might announce a new and rapidly-deployable and low-cost manufacturing process for battery cells on Battery Day, but the company is infamous for additional, "surprise" announcements.

It could also be related to Tesla's secret Palladium project, which involves body modifications and a new powertrain for the Model X and Model S, Electrek reports.

Then again, it could be a Model 3 with Model Y upgrades, like a heat pump, or a new Model X/X interior, or many other things. Whatever Elon Musk and Tesla have in store for Battery Day, there's no shortage of possibilities to set the auto industry to rampant speculation.

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