"Maths Whisperer" Teacher's Entire Class Receive A*'s in GCSE Exam

This class got all A*s in their maths GCSE six months early, thanks to their “maths whisperer” teacher.
Derya Ozdemir

If there is one thing harder than learning maths, that is teaching maths the right way, which is something that is not done properly in schools most of the time. However, it seems like this teacher has got everything under control.

Year 11 class, led by their passionate teacher, accomplished what we call a success story. The 30 pupils at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff got the highest grade available despite taking the exams six months earlier than normal.

The students had the same teacher since the start of secondary school: Francis Elive.


To put things into perspective, only 14% of the students who take the exams achieve an A* grade in Wales, while most of the students in Elive’s class came close to achieving full marks. 

Assistant headteacher Jo Kemp of Fitzalan High School said, “We call him the maths whisperer, he instills the belief that they have practiced the hardest maths that they have to ever face so why be scared of an exam?” 

However, Elive seems to be rather humble. He downplays his role by saying, “There’s no secret method. All my pupils have worked very hard and I’m really proud of them.”

Kemp also said the pupils had been thought to believe in themselves by Elive. It truly is one of the most important aspects of being a teacher and Elive seems to have this under his belt. Kemp says, “He’s passionate about his subject and he is quite a reserved man, but he was just on pins like an expectant dad – how you would want a teacher of your children to be feeling.” 

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The Fitzalan Maths Department said that they couldn't be prouder of his class and Mr. Elive. They said, "They've demonstrated that preparation, hard work and dedication pay off."

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