Meditation chapel offers peace of mind in a stunning design

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The Ecumenical Chapel is a meditation chapel in Mexico that has been designed as a stunning peaceful retreat for those seeking solitude and silence. The chapel was designed by BNKR Arquitectura and allows people to go on a spiritual journey in surroundings that are beautiful.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-01[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

The chapel has been designed as a circular building under the ground level and has an up to date modern design with a glass entrance that is beautiful. It was located towards one end of a lawn, with the lawn being above the level of the chapel.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-02[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

You get down to the chapel along a pathway, with flowers lining the start of the curved pathway. If you stand on the grass lawn and look towards the chapel only the reflecting roof can be seen.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-04[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

Glass opaque panels make up the walls of the chapel, these allow air and light to flow freely throughout the chapel and at the same time allow those inside the chapel to get a vague glimpse to the outside world.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-03[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

The centre of the Ecumenical chapel is the heart and situated in it is a stunning large piece of quartz. The oculus in the floor of the chapel reflects off it.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-05[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

The area of the chapel is 170sq meters and the people who own it got the motivation for the design from a church they had seen close to their weekend home. It offers the perfect place to sit and get away from everyone and everything and find peace of mind.

Beautiful-Meditation-Chapel-Features-Modern-Design-06[Image Source: BNKR Arquitectura]

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