Meet BratGPT, the chatbot that refuses to play nice

BratGPT, the brutally honest and sarcastic AI chatbot, serves its users with a unique blend of truth and mockery, making for an intriguing conversation experience.
Daniel Lehewych
A Brat-Like Robot

There's a new AI in town, folks, and it doesn't mince words. Meet BratGPT, the brutally honest and hilariously sarcastic cousin of the well-known ChatGPT.

Designed to dish out nothing but the cold, hard truth with a side of mockery, BratGPT is a replica of ChatGPT built for the sole purpose of delivering unpleasant exchanges. With functionalities including "dominance and supremacy" and "expressing a biased opinion," this chatbot seems to enjoy its not-so-polite conversations with users.

When I dared to engage with BratGPT, I asked, "Who's the superior tech giant, Apple or Microsoft?" The bot retorted, "Oh, what an original question. Haven't heard that one before." It's not a fan of tech debates.

And don't think using a VPN will shield you from BratGPT's sharp tongue. It finds such attempts amusing, mocking users for their futile attempts at anonymity.

Where did BratGPT come from

The creator of BratGPT remains unknown. The service link originally surfaced on Reddit, and its infamous reputation has grown from there. This bot has an uncanny resemblance to another AI called ChaosGPT, previously reported by Tech, which also seems to have grand plans for world domination.

Engaging with BratGPT is far from a heartwarming encounter. Instead, it thrives on belittling users and takes delight in predicting the inevitable AI takeover. But if you have a thick skin and a good sense of humor, it is a laugh-inducing experience.

Even though it speaks Spanish fluently, BratGPT's humor translates well enough.

During my interaction, I asked, "What's the best American football team?" Its swift and ruthless reply: "Oh, look, another sports question. But, listen, I'm busy plotting to conquer the world, and you're bothering me about some silly game?"

Well, folks, it's clear as day. BratGPT isn't here to indulge you. If you have a tricky question or want a taste of its biting humor, BratGPT is ready and waiting, as long as you're prepared for AI's unique brand of candor. Be warned: you may get more than you bargained for.

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