Meteorite Crashes into Indonesian Man's Home, Turns Him into a Millionaire

The meteorite is allegedly worth $1.85 million, so you could say he's now a rock star.
Fabienne Lang
The Indonesian man and the meteoriteHabeeb Jannati/Twitter

A 33-year-old coffin maker in Kolang, North Sumatra, Indonesia, found a meteorite in his garden after it came crashing through his roof on August 1.

Josua Hutagalung told local news station Kompas (in Bahasa Indonesia) that the space rock was still warm when he found it. It had landed with such weight that it was 5.9 inches (15 cm) in the ground. 

It's allegedly worth $1.85 million and weighs 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg), as BBC Indonesia reports (in Bahasa Indonesia). 


The meteorite in question is thought to be 4.5 billion years old. According to the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Texas, U.S., the rock is an extremely rare variety — a CM1/2 carbonaceous Chondrite, as the Independent reports.

As it's so rare, the meteorite is allegedly worth around $857 per gram, and at 4.6 lbs that brings the entire price up to $1.85 million.

As the rock came crashing down to Earth and into Hutagalung's garden, local residents heard loud booming sounds and experienced some shaking in their houses. Many made their way to Hutagalung's home to find out what happened. 

Initially, Hutagalung was reluctant to sell the meteorite but then agreed to do so. Officially named Kolang, the meteorite was sold off in September to three separate dealers who in turn sold them to collectors, per BBC Indonesia.

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The interior of the meteorite is dark gray and black and is dotted with lighter colorations.

Three other fragments of the meteorite were discovered near Hutagalung's home, one of which was uncovered in a paddy field around 1.8 miles (3 km) from his house. 

A closer look at the meteorite and where it landed can be seen in this video (in Bahasa Indonesia):

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