Microsoft, BAE Systems partner to improve digital defense capabilities

"This strategic agreement will enable defense organizations to use data more effectively."
Baba Tamim
Cloud technology conceptual image.
Cloud technology conceptual image.

BAE Systems  

Microsoft and BAE Systems, the British multinational armaments, security, and aerospace company, have established a new strategic alliance. 

The partnership intends to support quicker and simpler development, deployment, and management of digital defense capabilities in a world that is becoming more and more data-centric, as per press releases by Microsoft and BAE Systems on Friday. 

"This strategic agreement will enable defense organizations to use data more effectively," said Clare Barclay, CEO of Microsoft UK. 

"This will help them promote stability and security for residents, nations, and multinational alliances."

Microsoft has established a reputation for developing apps utilizing its Azure Cloud platform, while BAE Systems has extensive experience designing sophisticated digital systems for militaries and governments.

Together, the firms want to hasten the design, testing, and development of software for platforms that can identify and defend against threats that are continually changing for land, sea, and air platforms.

As part of their relationship, the two companies accelerated the distribution of new software onto an unmanned aircraft while it was in flight by using the Azure Cloud method. 

'Allowing forces to stay ahead of evolving threats'

Since the alliance was established, the two businesses have worked together on three projects. 

A digital thread was developed to facilitate the maintenance of marine platforms from conception to disposal, secure software was developed to send real-time upgrades to air platforms, and real-time tactical naval intelligence was improved.

This information follows earlier cloud and defense announcements from across the pond, such as the Pentagon's $9 billion cloud contract selection of Microsoft over other cloud juggernauts like Oracle, Google, and AWS.

BAE Systems and Microsoft are already providing their clients with measurable outcomes by delivering agile, safe, and dependable software, noted the press release

These outcomes imply that they can update settings, safeguard information domains, and enhance operations.

"Our innovative agreement with Microsoft will give us easier access to tools that help us make sense of this information for our customers – allowing armed forces to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats while maintaining the highest levels of security," said Julian Cracknell, Chief Technology, and Information Officer at BAE Systems. 

The military industry has benefited greatly from this strategic alliance between Microsoft and BAE Systems. 

Armed forces will have easier access to tools that can help them make sense of complex information as a result of the collaboration, enabling them to remain ahead of fast-emerging threats.

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