Microsoft Hints at 'Sweeping' Visual Revamp for Windows 10

A job listing on Microsoft's website hints at a customer-focused visual overhaul.
Chris Young

A new Microsoft job listing confirms recent rumors that the company is planning a "sweeping" visual revamp of Windows 10 with its 21H2 ‘Sun Valley’ Update slated for this year.

Spotted by Microsoft Latest, the listing emphasizes the company's renewed commitment to software and UI following its recent announcement that it would be closing almost all physical stores to focus on digital retail.

"We’re looking for a collaborative, inclusive, and customer-obsessed engineer to help us build the future of Windows Experiences," the listing states. 


'Windows is BACK'

Touted as part of Microsoft's efforts to make a comeback in the consumer market, the company's long-rumored visual overhaul was confirmed when it posted a new job listing for a Senior Software Engineer today on January 4.

As per Microsoft Latest, rumors had previously stated that Window 10's desktop interface would receive a completely new look with the Sun Valley update in 2021.

Microsoft was also rumored to be working on big improvements for the Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, and Windows apps.

The rumored changes were first hinted at in another Microsoft job listing in October that stated: "on this team, you’ll work with our partners to orchestrate and deliver a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences to signal to our customers that Windows is BACK and ensure that Windows is considered the best user OS experience for customers."

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Plans for Windows 10 visual revamp

According to The Verge, Microsoft removed references to a "sweeping visual rejuvenation" in today's job listing after the press picked up on the phrase.

However, the ad does state that the new Software Engineer will "orchestrate and deliver experiences that ensure Windows is a great user experience for our customers."

What's more, the candidate's future opportunities will include "building UI using the latest cutting-edge XAML technologies, designing new APIs in conjunction with platform team partners, to interfacing with hardware teams to build the essential platform and infrastructure in [Microsoft's] OS." 

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