Microsoft's Novel Edge Browser Logo Finally No Longer Looks Like Internet Explorer

The new logo is in the shape of a wave likely in reference to surfing the web.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Microsoft unveiled a new logo for its Chromium-based Edge browser and it no longer looks like Internet Explorer, finally. The novel logo still spells out the letter e but does so in a much more modern way using a wave, likely alluding to surfing the web.

Stepping away from tradition

The logo is, however, still in line with the software giant's new Office icons. The company seems to be stepping away from tradition here and we are loving the result. 


Microsoft even found an original way to reveal the Edge icon. It was done as part of a lengthy Easter Egg hunt.

Microsoft employees posted clues to a series of puzzles and images. Puzzle solvers were then led to a series of words discovered in seven clues.

Once inputted into a Javascript function, the words for the final instructions were revealed. These led to the new logo.

Tide pods

The logo has so far been well-received albeit the occasional joke that it looks like Tide pods. Now the only thing left to do is wait for Microsoft to release the final version of its Edge Chromium browser.

A  beta version was released back in August and since Microsoft is holding its Ignite conference in Orlando next week, there's a good chance we will be seeing the new browser very soon.

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