Midjourney: AI picture generator is now restricted to tackle misuse

The company is terminating free trials owing to "exceptional demand and trial misuse."
Nergis Firtina
AI control stock image
AI control stock image


After users used its AI picture generator to produce high-profile deep fakes, Midjourney has decided to stop offering it for free. The company is terminating free trials owing to "exceptional demand and trial misuse," according to CEO David Holz on Discord.

As reported by Engadget, new precautions haven't been "adequate" to stop misuse during trial periods. Using the technology will cost you at least $10 a month, as per David Holz.

Midjourney tries to overcome unwanted attention nowadays, primarily because of the "arrested Donald Trump." Also, deep fake Pope Francis wearing a trendy coat drew attention. Although the images were soon determined to be fake, there is a worry that malicious actors could distribute false information using Midjourney, OpenAI's DALL-E, and other similar generators.

Midjourney has acknowledged having difficulty creating content policies. Holz said to Discord users in 2022 that his team was merely trying to "minimize turmoil" and that having any access in China was more crucial than permitting satirical content.

Having problems with the contents

This was used to defend a restriction on photographs of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Holz said he had trouble establishing content standards as the AI-enabled progressively more realistic visuals in a conversation with users on Wednesday. Midjourney hopes to improve AI moderation that screens for abuse, the founder added.

To stop mishaps, some developers have turned to rigorous guidelines. For instance, OpenAI forbids any representations of politicians, conspiracies, or current political events. In addition, it prohibits violence, sexuality, and hatred.

Some, though, have relatively lax rules. Stability AI won't let Stable Diffusion users copy styles or make not-safe-for-work pictures, but it generally doesn't dictate what people can make.

There are more issues with AI image production besides deceptive content. Long-standing suspicions that the photographs are stolen exist since they commonly use existing images as a source of inspiration. While some businesses are incorporating AI art into their products, many others are hesitant for fear of drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

According to Peta Pixel, concerns about the power of AI, which has grown significantly in recent months, are on the rise. Elon Musk and other well-known technologists signed a letter yesterday asking for a "pause" on "hazardous" AI studies so that the main participants could work out a set of standard safety protocols.

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