Mini Tesla Model S Will Get Your Kids to Love Electric Cars

The mini Tesla Model S won't cost as much as their parents' full sized model, but the rideable toy will put a $600 dent in a kid's allowance.
Jessica Miley

Tesla has made a tiny Model S for your kids - and it's amazing. Tesla teamed up with Radio Flyer to produce an incredibly drivable tiny Model S.

The scaled down electric vehicle looks surprisingly like its inspiration. The toy car even has working headlights. Other cool features include foldable side mirrors, a ‘frunk’ for storing toys and an AUX input to play your favorite tunes. Easy to use and understand front and back buttons put the car into drive mode.

Expensive But Educational?

The car is electric, of course, and runs off a lithium-ion battery. The tiny Tesla Model S will set you back $600.


The car can be charged via the charging port on the side of the vehicle or you can remove the battery and charge it. Choose from red metallic, blue metallic, deep silver metallic or the latest flat white.

You can also choose your own wheel rim detailing. Of course no tesla is complete without vanity plates which can be added for an additional cost. Other accessories available online include a custom car parking sign and a car cover. Extra batteries can also be purchased in standard or long range. Parents can keep their kids' speed in check with an option to allow for a max speed of 6 mph or, with the flick of a switch, the car can be limited to a top speed of 3 mph.

Toy can teach kids about a green future

A $600 kids toy may seem pretty decadent but some people think its an investment in an electric dominated future.

For many young children going for a ride in a combustion-engine passenger car might be hard to do. Electric cars are most certainly the future with many nations hoping to enforce a ban on the purchase of new combustion engine cars by the middle of the decade.

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France and the UK have both indicated they hope to limit the availability of cars that rely on fossil fuels. But even cars with steering wheels might be an unusual sight if Tesla CEO Elon Musk has his way.

Pick your brand

The ambitious thinker hopes to have self-driving cars on the road by the end of the year with the next generation of vehicles to have no steering wheels or pedals. Tesla isn't the only carrier to have a mini version of a popular mode. High-end kids can choose from a range of luxurious brands that offer battery-powered versions of bestsellers, including the BMW i8 and the Mercedes CLA45.

Radioflyer, founded in 1917 is a maker of trikes, scooters and, most famously, the Little Red Wagon.

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