Mister Finch sculpts flora and fauna from vintage textiles

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Mister Finch is a textile artist from Leeds who doesn’t like to see anything go to waste, especially when it happens to be vintage fabrics. Finch takes old materials and recycles them into artistic sculptures, which sell for amazing amounts of money.


[Image Source: Mister Finch]

Finch takes vintage fabrics and materials and then turns them into amazing works of flora and fauna. He turns fabrics into such as moths, mushrooms, rabbits, spiders and hybrid lifeforms. He usually takes inspiration from British folklore to design weird and wonderful sculptures from discarded curtains and table cloths, old wedding dresses and other materials that would otherwise end up in the bin.

finch-4 finch-5

[Image Source: Mister Finch]

Finch said in a statement on his blog that making things is important to him and he uses his talents to get things out of his system. He loves nothing better than going out and looking for materials that he can use in his work. He loves picking up materials and fabrics that were lost and forgotten. He likes to work with recycled materials rather than new as he says that they add charm and authenticity to the sculpted pieces.


[Image Source: Mister Finch]

Finch shares his work with the public on his blog and will be holding an exhibition at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York in the spring. He has also just published a book with the title of Mister Finch: Living in a Fairy Tale World.

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