Sandcastle sculptures that will blow your mind

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You can probably remember going to the beach as a kid and getting a bucket and spade and making castles in the sand. These could range from the single castle with shells decorating the sides and maybe a flag waving on the top to a couple or more. If you had your mind set on being an architect when you grew up, then perhaps you were a little bit more adventurous. Maybe you built a large foundation from a mound of sand and then added sandcastles on top. However adventurous you might have been, you will not have made anything like the modern sandcastle sculptures that Calvin Seibert makes when he spends a day at the beach, they are mind-blowing works of art.

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles15[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

The sandcastle sculptures that he makes have all been inspired by modern architecture and while they can take on a minimal appearance, they are actually very complex in their form. The sand sculptures are generally a mixture of edges that are very neat and angular with geometrical shapes and often it’s hard to believe that they could be made out of just sand with some added water.

designgarage-Modernist-Sandcastles-by-Calvin-Seibert-01[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin said "A lot of people assume I must use some sort of binder to get the edges so neat and I can assure everyone it's not necessary. Just water and sand. The beach is like the wilderness, I wouldn't think of leaving garbage behind."

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles-normal[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin went on to say that when making the sand sculptures nature and time is always a battle that you have to undertake and which you cannot win as you always run out of time as you cannot hold back the incoming tide, weather and wind.

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles19[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

The artist said that he almost never starts with a plan in mind, he simply follows a path that he begins to see when the form takes shape or he tries to contradict this with something that is completely unexpected.

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles18[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Sometimes he has ideas in his mind that are mash-ups of ideas and influences. For instance sometimes he can imagine a castle, a fishing village and modernist sculpture. A sculpture is never quite finished as they take on the appearance of organic machines that can expand and grow.

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Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles17[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

He is continually adding on bits and the artist said that if he had the time then he would never stop building.

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles16[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

With all the work that has gone into the designs and the beauty of them, it is just a pity that the ocean and weather come along and wash them away or flatten them back out into nothing more than just sand once again. If it wasn’t for these photos it would be as though they had never ever existed.

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles14[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles12[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles10[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles9[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles7[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles6[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles5[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles2[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]

Calvin-Seibert-sand-castles1[Image Source: Calvin Seibert]