Modular paper sculptures intricately formed by artist

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You will probably be aware of the Japanese art of paper folding, origami, however UK artist Richard Sweeney takes the art a notch further as he creates intricate and delicate 3D modular paper sculptures from a sheet of paper and the results are stunning.


[Image Source: Richard Sweeney]

While origami is paper folding to make shapes without cutting, the art of Sweeney differs as he uses paper, a ruler, glue and a cutter to form complex shapes which range in height from those that stand on the table top and floor to ceiling installations. Some of the most impressive of his work are the pleated 3D sculptures that he makes and these are not made with glue and offer a 3D terrain look.


[Image Source: Richard Sweeney]

Artist Sweeney found that he had a natural talent for art and paper sculptures in particular. He developed this talent at the Batley School of Art and Design in 2002 and he then went on to study Three Dimensional Design. At the Manchester Metropolitan University he focused on paper manipulation to make models and eventually this developed into him making sculptures.


[Image Source: Richard Sweeney]

He uses a combination of craft, sculpture, photography and design. He takes a hands on approach to art that is experimental and makes use of mundane materials to turn them into unique sculptures. Sweeny also offers workshops showing others how to fold paper into sculptures.

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