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Having a home office is the in-thing in today’s world as more and more people choose to work from home. The Innovation Imperative architects came up with a garden office that has done away with the idea that a home office is simply a room in the house that has been converted. They offer a different approach to the cuboid offices we have seen in the past by way of the modular Tetra Shed.

innovation-imperative-tetra-shed[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

The Tetra Shed was unveiled a couple of years ago and they are now available for purchase. It offers a sleek design and can be customised by adding on more units. The amount of units that can be joined is unlimited and assembly is easy. When the project was first announced, the Tetra Shed was aimed at the UK market, however after receiving a great deal of international interest, Innovation Imperative had to reconsider. Ajasa-Adekunle, the architect behind them, said "It's been redesigned three times based on the feedback we've received and we're now using a flat-pack system that will be distributed in over 20 countries." He went on to say "It's become an entity in itself. The interest has become overwhelming."

1332206425-camera01-528x297[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

The modular system Tetra Shed has been developed with Modern Methods of Construction and this is able to deal with a growing need within the construction industry to meet schedules that are tighter. The materials used for the Tetra Shed include engineered timber cladding, matte black rubber and birch faced plywood. Innovative Imperative offer cladding options to ensure that the Tetra Shed is flexible and customisable; these include plywood or oak, along with copper and zinc.

innovation-imperative-tetra-shed-2[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

The Tetra Shed can be constructed in lots of different ways, with the option to add in windows, or to be furnished as a range of different possibilites, such as a wet-room or sauna.

innovation-imperative-tetra-shed-6[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

The Tetra Shed can be used year round and comes with a footprint of 10 meters squared with a floor area on the inside of 8 metres squared, which is ample room for two. The modular aspect of the Tetra Shed means that it becomes an extension to the living space, and while the shed was designed as a home office, they can in fact be used as play areas for children or as a space for relaxation. The designer behind the Tetra Shed, David Ajasa-Adekunle, said that the units can be combined to make larger spaces. They could also be used in the tourism industry or leisure and retail, as exhibition spaces or classrooms.

innovation-imperative-tetra-shed-4[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

innovation-imperative-tetra-shed-5[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

Anyone wanting a preview of the Tetra Sheds can see them on display at Grand Designs Live London, which is held at the ExCel London May 5 to 13.
innovation-imperative-tetra-shed-7[Image Source: Tetra-shed]

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