Mom Invents Harness that Lets Kids with Disabilities Walk

Trevor English

When a parent faces a problem that involves their child, they will often stop at nothing to find a solution. Debby Elnatan’s second son was born with cerebral palsy, which is a neuromuscular disorder which causes a loss in muscle control, often before a child is born. As her son, Rotem, was inhibited from walking because of this disorder, she would hold him up and try to walk with him. No solution seemed to work right, so that's when she put her engineering brain to work and created a harness that could give her child the freeing feeling of walking.

Her son's physical therapist recommended that he simply stay seated all day, but she wanted more for her son. She wanted him to be able to walk. Cerebral palsy affects muscle development, so getting out there and moving or walking around could help Rotem heal to a state where he would be able to be more independent. The harness that Debby built allowed her to strap her child to her feet and waist and give him the sensation of independent walking.

Upsee, the name of the harness, was the result of years of hard work, and now it is being used to strengthen the muscles and confidence of kids with disabilities. The harness is completely adjustable so that parents and kids of any size can use it to gain more independence.

child harness[Image Source: Firefly Friends]

Even for parents with kids that have full muscle capabilities, this harness can be used in teaching kids how to walk or just having a little fun with them. The Upsee is specially designed to reduce pain and increase weight distribution so that both the parent and the child don't struggle with being uncomfortable.

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