Mom Paints Staircase to Look Like Books They Love

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Pippa Branham is a young talented mom and obviously, she is really good about painting. She used her creativity to decorate all her stairs by painting them to look like replicas of their favorite books, and she got a big attention as well.

The idea came up after they moved into their first permanent home in Suffolk, United Kingdom, which has some sort of 'unsafe' stairs especially if you have youngsters and kids around. So she thought to cover the staircase by carpet but it was around £200, which might be hard to cover if you don't have an extra budget. She still had two children, 4 years old Abigail and a son who is 17.

"I set out to do something to the stairs because we couldn't afford carpet." Branham told ABC News.

Right after, she was hooked by a DIY picture, when she was trying to find another way to solve the problem for cheaper; which became the inspiration on Pinterest. She decided to paint the stairs to look like the covers of their favorite books, which is a pickily eliminated list for them for 13 stairs. Pippa says that it wasn't easy at all.

pippa-branham9[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

The book list is highly interesting as well. The 13 stairs include J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit', Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', Raymond E. Feist's 'Faerie Tale', C.S. Lewis 'The Space Trilogy', James Herbert's 'The Magic Cottage', George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones, and many more...

pippa-branham4[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

The main idea was making the stairs safer for kids, so she bought children's play sand to mix with the paint to get a serrated result, and paid only £20.

pippa-branham2[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

It was the only money she spent for all this beauty. On the other hand, creating your own artwork and designing your home by your talent is surely satisfying as well.

pippa-branham8[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

The young mom hopes to inspire her children, especially her daughter Abigail, who will start school sometime soon, to be readers, and also teach their children to ask questions and be curious.

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pippa-branham7[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

"Because books are a dying breed. We're so into technology that she probably won't read books... Until she's much older anyway. The staircase is a nice way to keep her in touch with the magic you feel when you read a book." she says.

pippa-branham6[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

Her job has inspired many others and got big attention after she shared her amazing work on her Facebook page, and amazed her family as well.

pippa-branham1[Image source: Pippa Branham/Facebook]

She admits that the painting took 39 hours.
"I had to break it up because we could only do every other stair [at a time.] Otherwise, we’d mess it up."

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Via: ABC

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