The Moon-themed luxury resort wants to be the ultimate sustainability destination too

A place where blue, green and circular economies will converge.
Ameya Paleja
Artist's depiction of Moon World Resort in Dubai
Artist's depiction of Moon World Resort in Dubai

Moon World Resort 

Ambitious engineering projects are announced quite too often in today's world. If people aren't building the tallest building, they are looking to develop the longest one or an industrial complex that floats on water.

Last month, Interesting Engineering reported how Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts (MWR) Inc. plans to build four Moon-themed resorts on different continents of the world. The project will likely kick off with built over 10-acre (435,000 sq feet) space in Dubai and provide visitors with the authentic experience of a lunar colony.

Bringing the Moon to Earth

After building palm-shaped islands in the sea and the tallest building in the world, Dubai wants to bring now the experience of being on the Moon to Earth. So far, only 12 people have had the privilege to visit the Moon, but after an MWR destination opens up, it will be able to cater to over 2.5 million visitors every year.

The resort isn't just about sky villas and luxurious rooms alone. It also plans to be a destination for space exploration companies to work and even train their astronauts in the future.

It also wants to be a destination that showcases world-class sustainable development and how humanity can adopt measures even today that will save the planet.

The sustainable moon-styled resort

Interesting Engineering had previously reported how the project would be a LEED Gold-certified venture. In a new development, MWR has upgraded its rating to platinum, meaning the project would be entirely sustainable. This will be achieved through a mix of strategies but largely by using an ecosystem-based environmental management approach.

The project's site will foster biodiversity by including a pollinator-friendly green area. In contrast, its water management will consist of rainwater harvesting and grey water filtration and re-use. The entire project will be powered using renewable-only energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power plants. A press release said that climate control facilities and on-site transportation will be provided using a carbon-free source of electricity.

Inside the resort, oxygen, light, and many other sensory functions will be considered while designing and constructing the facilities. Once built, even the vendors will be required to follow environmental management criteria, meaning no animal fur products will be used on the premises. At the same time, sustainably farmed seafood and free-range meat will be made available.

The building's envelope will be a smoke-free zone, and the area will maintain a focus on the health, wellness, and longevity of its visitors. The press release added that this would be executed through holistic treatments and educational programs. "Climate change is the greatest challenge to our world," said Sandra G. Matthews, Co-Founder, of Moon World Resorts Inc. "MOON’s mission is to act as the educational bridge, demonstrating how a reduction in carbon emissions can protect humans, animals, and nature!"

The Canadian design expert David N. Oswald and his team at DE Design + Environment Inc., a firm specializing in environmental design practice, will oversee the design efforts. "MOON’s sustainability program will be unlike any seen before, taking the most progressive ideas and technologies and making them reality," said Oswald in the press release. "It’s guaranteed to push boundaries ... just watch us!

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