The Most Stylish Bike Bell You Will Ever See

Trevor English

Since its invention in 1877, the design of the bike bell hasn't really changed much over the years, but it's about to get much more stylish. Traditionally, the bike bell design can be clunky, clumsy and often too quiet to alert the necessary people around you. In an effort to redesign the bike bell into a much more ergonomic and stylish design, the Oi bike bell was created. Instead of protruding from your bicycle, the bell now flows with the natural lines of your bike and produces a very recognizable ring. Currently on Kickstarter, the Oi has over US$420,000 pledged and has completely redefined the bell design.

knog oi bike bell[Image Source: Knog Kickstarter]

The Australian company Knog, well known for their innovative designs, wanted to bring functionality and design into an otherwise stagnated industry. Available in a wide range of metal color schemes the bell can be customized to fit into whatever style of bike you find yourself riding. The product has undergone hundreds of tests and prototypes to get the perfect pitch and ergonomic design that flows right back into any bike's handlebars.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Oi is how it seems to hover around bicycle handle bars, being discreet while simultaneously creating a new stylish focal point to your bike. Check out the video below to see a little more about how the Oi is revolutionizing the bike bell industry.

Now you may be wondering, why do I need a new bike bell if the one I have works perfectly fine? When tested against other bike bells, the Oi outlasts and out rings the competition by far, creating a beautiful chord instead of a single note. Not to mention, previous bike bells more resemble blisters than they do functional mechanisms. Available for just US$19 on Kickstarter right now, this new bike bell comes in two different sizes adjusting to fit any bicycle size.

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oi bike bell design[Image Source: Knog Kickstarter]

If you're looking to personalize the "bike bell that doesn't look like a bell" then there's even an option to have the titanium Oi engraved with whatever you'd like. There's even more to check out about the Oi over on the Kickstarter page where you can hear the comparison of different bells to this new stylish design.

Modern products need to innovate and be stylishly designed, and that is exactly what Knog has created with the Oi.

Get the Oi bike bell on Kickstarter now!

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