Mother Contracts COVID-19 While Pregnant, Baby Is Born Healthy with Antibodies

Doctors say the antibodies were passed on by the mother.
Loukia Papadopoulos

A woman in Hubei, China who had contracted COVID-19 gave birth to a healthy boy with the virus' antibodies, reported The Daily Mail. Doctors say the antibodies were passed down from the mother.


The mother, known only by her pseudonym Xiaoyu, discovered she had the coronavirus in early April despite showing no symptoms. She received a 10-day treatment and recovered well. 

Then, on May 30, Xiaoyu gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the southern city of Shenzhen. Both the first-time-mother and the child have now been discharged from the Shenzhen Third Hospital.

They both tested negative for the coronavirus according to a social media post from the local government. The mother received six nucleic acid tests and all the results came back negative.

In addition to also testing negative for the coronavirus, the newborn baby's screening results indicated that he was born with coronavirus antibodies.

The hospital now plans to conduct further research in this case in order to hopefully provide new findings for the development of COVID-19 vaccines. There is also an ongoing debate about whether pregnant mothers pass on the virus to their children or not.

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